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Stimulate Your Pet's Mind and Body with Play

Stimulate Your Pet's Mind and Body with PlayDo you spend most of your time laying on the couch or in bed staring at the wall? Probably not. You’re most likely keeping yourself occupied at work or engaged in some type of activity you enjoy. What do you think would happen to you if you spent each day doing absolutely nothing? It would certainly have some negative effects on your physical and mental health. The same goes for our pets. Just like us, a lack of activity and stimulation is not good for their health, nor is it something they enjoy.
Physical activity and mental stimulation through play are very important for pets. All pups are born with innate play skills. They have deeply rooted instincts to search, chase, grab and tug. Without play, dogs may show behavioral problems due to boredom and excess energy. This makes sense because they’re meant to lead active lives. It’s important for your dog to play in order for him to live a happy and healthy life.
Just like dogs, cats are also born with instincts to play. When you look at what they do in the wild, it’s obvious why they need to play.  Cats are naturally curious, so when they are not mentally stimulated, they can become depressed and lethargic.  Similar to dogs, cats are also more likely to develop behavioral problems such as insecurity, aggression, urine marking, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, when stressed or anxious because of boredom.
Take time to play with your pets every day. If you have a cat, find something that engages his interest, like interactive toys. Interactive playing strengthens the bond between you and your cat. It also lets your cat hone his hunting skills, release energy, gain confidence and get in a good exercise – all beneficial to his physical and mental health.
With a dog, there are countless ways to play, both indoors and outdoors. Fetch, scent games, puzzles, tug of war, running, walking and training are all great activities. Just like with a cat, play will strengthen the bond between you and your pooch.
Because most people are constantly busy, pets often end up spending much of their time home alone not doing very much. We can only imagine they’d feel the same as a human would if they spent each day as a couch potato. Daycare facilities are the perfect solution for a pet to avoid a lazy life. While you’re away, they’re sure to be occupied with lots of fun activities, such as puzzles, games and space to run, play and socialize.
Here are some ways we exercise your pet’s mind and body at Purr’n Pooch.

Playground Activities

At Purr’n Pooch, we have hygienically effective turf and natural grass yards, as well as puppy playground equipment, where pups get to run around, play and socialize. Playground fun will give your dog physical and mental exercise, while practicing social skills with other dogs.

Splish, Splash: Pool Time

The best part about this time of year is that our outdoor pools are open! Swimming and splashing around in our in our supervised outdoor and indoor water parks provide both mental and physical stimulation for our visiting boarding and daycare pups. They help your dog to socialize, get in a cardio vascular workout, and of course, cool off! We offer several freshwater pools and water elements like fountains and waterfalls for their enjoyment. Pool time rates are available here.


All cats need mental stimulation, especially indoor cats. Our cattery in Tinton Falls features a 22-foot waterfall, and rock wall for climbing and playing is perfect for occupying even the most finicky of cats. Our windows with perches provide mental stimulation as cats look outside to observe.
Social activities with humans enrich a cat’s environment. At Purr’n Pooch, cats experience private play time, explore rooms, lounge, and use toys provided in our fully equipped cattery.

Food Puzzle Toys

When there is food involved, pets are sure to be interested in whatever is going on. Food puzzle KONG® toys and are an excellent way to keep pets entertained and mentally stimulated. These puzzles are sturdy containers, made of hard rubber or plastic, that hold food or treats inside but don’t give pets easy access to the food. They have holes on each end or on the sides, and pets must work to get the food to come out by shaking, pawing, rolling, nibbling or licking the toy. Food puzzle toys require time, patience and problem-solving. Visit our Wall and Tinton Falls, NJ retail boutiques to purchase these games.

Agility4Fun Classes

No matter the breed of dog you have, you and your four legged furry friends can enjoy the fun of agility together at Purr’n Pooch. Agility4Fun is designed for all dogs and their owners to enjoy the sport of agility. It’s a different way for you to exercise your dog, and an excellent way to take basic training to the next level.

Play ‘N Games

Purr’n Pooch offers Play ‘N Games for pets that come in for daycare on Tuesdays. They will get to participate in one of these fun activities: agility, puzzles, or scent work. The additional cost for this service is $35.
Have any questions or want to schedule a time to visit our facilities, contact us. We hope to have your pet visit us for a day of fun and games.