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Love Celebrating the Holidays with Your Pet? Let Purr’n Pooch’s Groomers Introduce You To The Fun, Happy World of Creative Grooming

Ready or not… the holiday season is here. A string of celebrations is upon us from the tongue-in-cheek ghoulishness of Halloween to the warmth of family and community-centered Thanksgiving gatherings. Then we jump right into the heart of winter when peace, goodwill and renewal are welcomed during Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and New Years. At Purr’n Pooch Pet Resorts, we love to celebrate them all. And, if you’re like us, your celebrations always include the pets.
Many of us honor long-held traditions, while scouring Pinterest and Instagram for ideas to add something new and distinctive – something that distinguishes this year’s holidays from years’ past. At Purr’n Pooch, our groomers make the holidays unique for their own dogs and for clients thanks to the relatively new art of Creative Grooming.
Creative Grooming is a specialized service that transforms a pet’s natural look into a highly personalized style that brings out their “WOW” factor.  And it’s much easier than squeezing them into those uncomfortable, sequined costumes.
Creative Grooming is the perfect solution for families that want to give their pets the chance to engage with us in a very special way. Tattoos (using stencil designs shaved right into a pet’s coat then dyed) are popular choices for pet makeovers with some of the most requested designs representing pop-culture tastes and trends. According to Dana Dougherty, senior groomer at Purr’n Pooch for the past 15 years, Captain America’s shield and any of the iconic Star Wars images are in high demand right now.
“For the holidays,” Dana says, “We get a lot of families asking for both traditional and more personalized designs.  Lots of designs simply recall favorite colors and images from family celebrations, say – browns, golds and oranges for Thanksgiving, and reds, greens, blues and silver for the winter. Other people want to see Darth Vader wearing an elf hat!”
Whether you choose a tattoo design or a stunning hair style, cut and dyed in fantastic, eye-popping shades and shapes to elicit exclamations – this amazing makeover for your fur-baby is possible in a pampering spa experience that is specifically designed to be reassuring and low-stress for the dog or cat.
In addition to holiday and celebration looks designed to celebrate a specific event, other popular looks include mohawks and tri-color patterns. Dye designs typically last for 10-15 washings. All of the dyes used at Purr’n Pooch are guaranteed not to bleed or run onto fabric or clothes. On average, clients should allow from 3-4 hours for a Creative Grooming appointment as it is typically combined with other spa and grooming services.
“During a grooming consultation, we talk with the owners about their vision and any special considerations that are important to making the experience as fun and relaxing as possible for both pet and their family.  We make sure to ask about any allergies or sensitivities – either for the pet or for their human family members.” Dana says.  “Yes, we absolutely ask about human allergies and sensitivities, too. At Purr’n Pooch, we use only the highest quality, organic and most gentle products, and we always take our clients, both four-legged and two-legged, as a package.”
Purr’n Pooch offers Creative Grooming for clients in both our Tinton Falls and Wall locations. Clients are encouraged to come in for a consultation, but if you’re thinking Halloween — make plans for next year.
“We fill our bookings several weeks in advance of any holiday,” says Dougherty.  “Anyone interested in this service for Thanksgiving and the winter season should contact us right away to schedule a consultation and make sure we can fit them in.”
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