Tinton Falls: 732.842.4949
Wall Township: 732.528.8100


Custom designed catteries by Dick Palazzo specifically to promote stress-free and tranquil environments 

Multi-level individual condos complete with private liter pans and cozy sleeping perches

Kitty playgrounds natural rock waterfalls (TF) and multi perched wall exercise area (Wall) 

Flat-screen televisions and piped in peaceful soothing music 

Window suites (Tinton Falls) additional $5 per night

Wall offers all window suites for no additional charge

Premium meals daily or personalized meals-we are happy to feed a particular diet/food but ask that you bag meals for each individual serving 



Proof of immunizations for Feline Distemper and Rabies. 

Purr’n Pooch’s catteries features custom-designed housing, bright light, natural rock walls and waterfalls for your cats comfort curiosity and pleasure. Our feline friends love to explore and play, while enjoying their luxury accommodations at Purr’n Pooch Pet Resorts. They can also enjoy a day of play with our cat daycare program.
Our boarding cattery boasts deluxe amenities, designed by Dick Palazzo, specifically to promote stress-free and tranquil environments:Wall-Cattery

  • Beautiful 1,000-square-foot catteries with private beds and 24-hour staff supervision and care.
  • Custom-built 22-foot indoor tranquil waterfalls for climbing and exploring.
  • Window sleeping perches with natural light.
  • Kitty playgrounds for playtime.
  • Luxury cat boarding with private condos, plasma TV’s, day play and soothing music.
  • Automatic filtrated water systems available throughout the catteries.
  • Hand-delivered meals that meet your cat’s individual dietary needs.


We take great pride in the fact that we are called PURR’n Pooch, so we hope to see you and your kitty soon for some feline fun in Wall or Tinton Falls. 

Treat your cat to a stay at Purr’n Pooch, New Jersey’s premier boarding cattery where your favorite feline will enjoy lavish, custom built accommodations in a clean, safe and caring environment. At our cat resorts, you’ll get peace-of-mind that your kitty is comfortable and enjoying plenty of human attention with luxury pet boarding.

We enjoy taking care of your best friend as if he or she was our very own. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff has no problem keeping your kitty company and helping him or her to settle in. There are plenty of toys to play with and cozy places to enjoy a catnap in our cat kennel and spacious cat condos. Purr’n Pooch can accommodate your feline friend with all of his or her needs, including individual special diets and medications.