Caring for Your Dog Like Our Own

We make every effort to ensure that your dog is comfortable and enjoying his or her stay at our pet boarding facility. Give your pooch a refreshing time in our dog swimming pools, or let your pet meet new friends at group playtime. We feed your pet according to your specifications. If your dog is on any medication, our specialists make sure prescriptions are administered on time and with the utmost care. Our pet care specialists and certified technicians give your dog one-on-one attention and the socialization he or she needs to stay relaxed while you’re not with them. It’s easy for us – we love spending time with our new friends.

Our dog boarding kennels’ accommodations include:

  • Controlled environment.
  • Heated and air-conditioned rooms with custom ventilation systems.
  • Private suites with classical music and skylights.
  • Spacious, private rooms available with adjoining exercise runs.
  • Luxury pet boarding suites with leather memory-foam sleep sofas, comforters and oriental rugs.
  • Doggie daycare, pool access, cable TV, baths, massages and spa.
  • Kuranda orthopedic dog beds.
  • Automatic filtrated water systems throughout the buildings.
  • Hand-delivered meals prepared according to your dog’s dietary needs.