Pamper Your Pet at Purr’n Pooch This February


Pamper your four-legged Valentine this month at Purr’n Pooch. Fall in love with our extensive menu of services and exceptional service. Indulge your pet with a relaxation massage, time swimming in our heated indoor pool, playtime and parties with friends, spa treatments, grooming and more. We also offer play equipment and rock walls for your feline friend to explore and exotics care for those of you heading out of town for your own Valentine get away. Your pet gives you unconditional love so come to Purr’n Pooch to return the sentiment.

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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PNP-CC-February-Inset-Puppy-BowlPUPPY BOWL
Friday, February 5 ~ Tinton Falls and Wall  
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Is your pup ready for some football? Join us for our Annual Puppy Bowl, a day of supervised games of catch with friends in our training halls. Fun for all ages.


PNP-CC-February-Inset-Mardi-GrasMARDI GRAS PARTIES
Tuesday, February 9 ~ Tinton Falls and Wall
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
On Mardi Gras our friends will celebrate right here on the Jersey Shore by bobbing for bones and dressing in feathers, boas and masks! Always a blast! Photos will be posted on our Facebook page.

Sunday, February 14 ~ Tinton Falls and Wall
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us! Parties will be held at Tinton Falls and Wall. Friends will gather for games, treats and Valentines cakes.

PNP-CC-February-Inset-BirthdaysBIRTHDAY PARTIES
Tuesday, February 16 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, February 17 ~ Wall
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Join us for treats and games on the Purr’n Pooch playground as we celebrate our friends born in the month of February! Parties on the playground or training halls.

PNP-CC-February-Inset-Love-Your-PetLOVE YOUR PET DAY
Saturday, February 20 on Instagram and Facebook
Enter your pup in our Facebook and Instragram contest running for one-day only on February 20, Love Your Pet Day! One winner will be chosen from all the entries. For Instagram, use the hashtag #LovePNP to enter and tag @PurrNPooch on Instagram. To enter on Facebook, post your pictures on our wall and all pics will be added to an album. Purr’n Pooch will announce the winner on February 21. We’re looking for pets with big hearts and the spirit of love! Winner will received a gift basket from PnP valued at $50.

Call to register for the above events at 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).


Walk for a Dog is a simple, year-round fundraising app! It promotes healthy interaction between dogs and their owners, and raises money every day to support the mission of your animal shelter or rescue. It also gives people a reason to think about their local animal organization every time they take their dogs for a walk. Learn more at Download the app, choose Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals, and start walking. Your steps will save lives.

Date Pending
Animal charities selected as our 2016 grantees will be invited to attend our annual Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals Grantee Breakfast. We will celebrate the life-saving work of these heroes in rescue work with awards, financial donations and time among friends.


Indulge your pet in whitening shampoo with coconut conditioner and sparkle spritz spray. Cost is $18 plus price of grooming or bath. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) to make an appointment.



25% off cookies on the cookie bar on February 23 in honor of International Dog Biscuit Day.





February ~ National Cat Health Month
February ~ Pet Dental Health Month
February ~ Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
February 22 ~ Walking the Dog Day
February 23 ~ International Dog Biscuit Day
February 23 ~ World Spay Day

Purr’n Pooch Celebrates the New Year!



This January we’re celebrating National Train Your Dog Month with the launch of our winter training classes. There’s classes for all levels of learning, and be sure not to miss our Saturday Agility classes where you and your dog can have fun exercising together and learning new tricks. We also have parties and games in daycare, and a paw pad cream spa special. A new year means new and exciting happenings
at Purr’n Pooch. Visit us soon!

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Tuesday, January 19 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, January 20 ~ Wall
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy treats and games on our playgrounds as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in January.

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. ~Mind Your Manners
Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. ~ Your Pet’s Got Talent
Saturdays, 10 – 11 a.m. ~ Agility
Saturdays, 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. ~ Mind Your Manners

No matter the breed of dog you have, you and your four legged furry friends can enjoy the fun of training together. Classes run for 6 weeks, $200, plus tax. In Agility classes drop-ins are welcome. Cost: $35 per class. Email to enroll.


Soothe your pups paws with a free paw pad cream treatment with purchase of a hair cut. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) to make your pet’s grooming appointment.



January ~ National Train Your Dog Month
January ~ Walk Your Pet Month
January 14 ~ National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 29 ~  National Seeing Eye Dog Day

Winter Dog Grooming, Fur and Skin Care Tips from the Pros

Cold weather dog care

Winter is the time for dry and itchy skin, salt-covered sidewalks giving way to mucky snow water, and all around miserable conditions. Just like we moisturize and care for ourselves during the rough winter months, our dogs deserve the same kind of attention.

As the cold finally moves across New Jersey, here are some tips to help care for your dog’s fur from Purr’n Pooch’s pet stylist and groomer Cherise Burczya, a 15-year-veteran of the pet resort:

1. Brush. Pups’ fur need tender loving care just like our own locks. Brushing promotes a healthy coat and skin, especially in the dry winter months. Regular brushing also helps reduce matting, something common when fur gets wet with snow or rain, and can help keep fur from clumping. And as an added bonus, regular brushing helps keep fur shiny by distributing the nutrients and oils that keep fur healthy and clean. Dogs need regular brushing no matter the length of their coat. Brushing is also a great way to bond with your pup.

2. Rinse. In the snowy winter, the salt used to melt snow and ice can mix with the liquid to create a nasty mess that can tangle in pups’ fur, resulting in matted, dull, dirty fur. Make sure to rinse off dirty fur after a bathroom break with warm water to prevent matting. But don’t forget the feet! The pads of the feet can quickly become aggravated with salt, resulting in painful paws for pups. Rinsing feet with warm water or cleaning them with a washcloth can help prevent irritation. 

A great way to soothe and pamper your pet’s tired, winter paws is with our paw pad cream, which contains vitamin E and essential oils. It can be added to any spa or grooming package for $5. The cream is also available for purchase in Purr’n Pooch’s retail boutiques for $10.

3. Moisturize. A dry winter can cause even drier skin due to dry, forced air, so it’s important to keep moisturized. Purr’n Pooch offers Oxy Oatmeal Soothing Baths, which soothe dry and irritated skin. And the Strawberry Milk Bath revitalizes damaged and stressed hair that will leave pups with healthy skin and a soft coat. If your pooch’s skin is extra dry, try a therapeutic hot oil treatment, which will boost and rejuvenate the skin and pores.

4. Groom. Most people think it’s good practice to keep a dog’s coat longer in the winter to stay warm. But actually, it’s better to keep your pooch trimmed during the cold winter. Inside dogs are acclimated to the heat, and aren’t in danger of becoming too cold. By leaving the fur longer, pups are susceptible to matting and a dingy coat, because the longer the fur, the longer it takes to dry after it gets wet. Cherise recommends continuing to groom and trim your dog as normal during the winter. Many dogs come into Purr’n Pooch regularly, typically every four to six weeks for a basic trim.

Make sure to pay special attention to your dog’s fur and skin this winter. Purr’n Pooch offers a variety of pampering services that can help keep dogs (and cats) healthy and happy this chilly season.

Aquatic Exercise and Swimming Helps Dogs Build Strength, Confidence

aquatic exercise


As humans, when we injure ourselves we are able to go to therapy to help strengthen our muscles and get back to our healthiest self. But what happens when a dog needs to heal after an injury or surgery?

At Purr’n Pooch, the answer to getting dogs back to their frolicking selves is often aquatic exercise sessions in our indoor pool located in Wall, NJ. Experienced and patient pet care technicians work with dogs, teaching them to move and play gently in the warm water. Aquatic exercise is great for dogs who need hydro sessions after an injury. The spa waters strengthen and gently condition muscles, preventing further injury and lessening pain.

Kylie Ann, a Golden Retriever, was just six years old when she ruptured her Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) and meniscus in her right knee and needed surgery. Her recovery was slow and restrictive, leading to weight and muscle mass loss and weakness. Kylie Ann was unable to play with her younger doggie brother, Casey, and became depressed.

This worried her owner, Kristin, but what also concerned her was the likelihood of the same injury happening to her other knee.

“After talking it over with her veterinarian, I decided to try Purr’n Pooch’s water sessions in order to help her physical rehabilitation after the surgery and mental well-being after being restricted and confined for weeks,” said Kristin. “I thought the general physical fitness and conditioning would help prevent the possibility of her rupturing the opposite knee in the future.”

Kylie Ann started work with Nick, aquatic director at Purr’n Pooch’s Wall location, in June 2014. Kylie had never been a big fan of the water and was fearful of new situations and new people, but she already knew and trusted Nick. Turns out, it was a perfect fit.

Kylie had early and continued success with her aquatic exercise sessions at Purr’n Pooch, which Kristin attributes to the type of personalized services offered.

“The sessions are one-on-one, ensuring individualized attention,” said Kristin. “They are conducted in an actual pool where the dog and human work together as a team in the water, allowing for a very unique and positive bonding experience.”

Kristin also attributes Kylie’s success to Nick, the pup’s beloved technician.

“Simply put, Nick is the reason Kylie Ann is healthier, happier, stronger and more confident dog today,” said Kristin. “He’s the best!

Kylie Ann was expected to have a slight limp after her surgery, but after three months of working with Nick in the pool, she not only recovered from surgery faster than expected, but she also had no evidence of a limp.

“She’s in the best condition of her life,” said Kristin. ‘Kylie Ann’s physical and emotional transformation were remarkable.”

In fact, Kylie Ann’s progress was so impressive, Kristin decided to bring her brother Casey, a one and a half mixed pup, to Purr’n Pooch’s Hydro Fun sessions. Casey, a pup rescued from a high-kill shelter, is sensitive and wary of other dogs. But with Nick’s help, Casey is benefiting from this engaging and enriching activity just like sis.

Casey started the sessions unable to swim. Now, the pup is learning to surf. Nick uses a surfboard with Casey, encouraging balance and coordination.

“Besides building confidence and being incredibly fun, the bonding, healthy exercise, reduction in stress, teaching of relaxation and increased body awareness and endurance has just been remarkably beneficial for Casey,” said Kristin. “Casey’s trusting and special relationship with Nick, coupled with his patience and compassion with Casey, has enabled my fearful little dog to relax more, increasing his self-confidence in and out of the water; simply above and beyond any of my expectations.”

Kylie Ann continues to work with Nick in the pool and build her strength and maintain a healthy weight. The objective now is to prevent another injury from happening and keeping Kylie Ann motivated and happy.

“I’m not sure there is anything that brings her as much joy and happiness as her weekly pool time with Nick,” said Kristin. “What a special bond they now share.”

Click here for a video of Nick and Kylie Ann in the pool!

Purr’n Pooch offers aquatic exercise sessions in our indoor spa pool located in Wall, NJ. Our experienced pet care instructors will care and comfort your dog with ease and patience. Swimming, games, and other exercise routines are part of the fun as your friend learns to move and play gently in our warm, spa waters. Private sessions are available and the pool setting is calm and quiet – ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Click here for more information.

Join Us as Purr’n Pooch Gives Thanks for Pets


This November, join us as we give thanks for the unconditional love of our pets. At Purr’n Pooch, we’re giving back with fun-filled games, parties, promotions and a collection drive for local animal rescue organizations. It’s a busy season at the resorts, so please book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit.

Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Tuesday, November 17 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, November 18 ~ Wall
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy treats and games on our playgrounds as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in November.

Enter our Annual Holiday Photo contest by submitting photos by November 30 to The winning photo receives a day of daycare and a spa bath. It will also be the cover photo for Purr’n Pooch’s holiday card.



PNP-CC-November-Santa-PhotosPICS WITH SANTA
Tuesday, December 15 ~ Tinton Falls
Thursday, December 17 ~ Wall
Our daycare friends will enjoy pictures with Santa. Photos posted on Facebook. These are popular daycare days, so please book your pet’s reservation ahead of time.


November 1 – December 17
Lend a paw to animals. Donate pet food, supplies, bedding and toys for local shelters and rescue organizations. Drop-off to our reception areas in Tinton Falls and Wall. Charities interested in receiving donations, please email


Indulge your pet in luxurious honey almond shampoo, mud conditioning treatment, teeth brushing, and toasted almond cologne. $25 plus cost of bath and grooming. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).



Holiday Gift cards available
November 27 ~ Black Friday Sale ~ 20% off all sweaters and harnesses
November 28 ~ Small Business Saturday ~ 50% of Purr’n Pooch branded merchandise
November 29 ~ 20% off at the cookie bar


Support animals in need through the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals. Shop at and and a portion of your purchase will support the grantees helped by the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals.
For more information, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) or email



November ~ National Senior Pet Month
November ~ Pet Cancer Awareness Month
November ~ Pet Diabetes Month
November 1-7 ~ Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week
November 17 ~ Black Cat Day
November 26 ~ Happy Thanksgiving! Office is closed, 24-hour care of all our boarding pets

Join Us for a Fun-Filled Fall!



Autumn is “pawesome” at Purr’n Pooch! This month, our guests will enjoy costume contests and parties, a pumpkin spice spa and grooming special, boarding discounts for our black cats, and so much more. Fall is fabulous and we can’t wait to have your pet visit. To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Tuesday, October  13 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, October  14 ~ Wall
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy treats and games on our playgrounds as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in October.

Tinton Falls & Wall Locations
Tuesday, October 27
7 a.m. – 3 p.m
Tinton Falls and Wall Locations
Our guests have a howling good time at our annual Halloween party! They bob for bones, chase ghosts on the playground, and play with friends. We also host a costume contest and the winner is awarded a day of daycare.

Enter your pet’s pic In Purr’n Pooch’s Halloween Facebook Photo Contest! Submit your pet’s best costume photo October 10 – 19 to We will post all entries in an album on Purr’n Pooch’s Facebook page. Invite your friends to like your photo on Purr’n Pooch’s Facebook page through November 1 at 10 p.m. Photo with the most “likes” wins a free spa bath.


Our Pumpkin Spice Conditioning Shampoo gently cuts through dirt without stripping natural oils. It also infuses your pet’s coat with aloe and sunflower oil. Pumpkin Spice cologne spray and teeth brushing included. $18 plus price of grooming or bath.



According to Dr. Bruce Fife, certified nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, coconut oil gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, protects your pet from illness, and speeds healing. As a bonus, coconut oil improves any dog’s skin and coat, improves digestion, and reduces allergic reactions. Purchase the Procare Series Coconut Oil at our retail boutiques in Wall or Tinton Falls. Cost is $22; 14oz jar.

Book your black cat’s visit in the month of October and receive 20% off boarding on Fridays.




Support animals in need through the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals. Shop at and and a portion of your purchase will support the grantees helped by the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals.

For more information, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) or email



October ~ Adopt a Dog Month
October ~ Pit Bull Awareness Month
October ~ National Pet Wellness Month
October 1-7 ~ Walk Your Dog Week
October 4 ~ World Animal Day
October 11 ~ Join the Monmouth County SPCA for the Blessing of the Animals
October 16 ~ Recognizing National Feral Cat Day
October 24 ~ National Pitbull Awareness Day
October 29 ~ National Cat Day
October 31 ~ Happy Halloween

Make Your Dog a Big Part of Your Wedding Day

Latonya and Timothy Brennan with Churchill at their wedding reception. The Brennans chose Purr’n Pooch to help them care for Churchill on their big day.

It’s your special day. You’re marrying the love of your life. Your friends and family are surrounding you in celebration of your big day. So why not take a few moments to celebrate with your furry friends as well? 

Couples are increasingly choosing to make their four-legged friends part of their wedding ceremonies. From carrying the rings down the aisle to flower girls leading dogs on a leash to the bride and groom, pets are a vital part of the special day. 

Ryan and Sarah Taggart made sure to include their border collie, Angus, in their ceremony. Angus was front and center during the vow exchange, watching mom and dad unite in marriage. Then Ryan and Sarah walked down the aisle as husband and wife with Angus right by their side. 

“Angus is the third member of our family, and we wanted to walk out as a complete family,” said Sarah.  “I met Angus the same night I met Ryan. Having him in our wedding was really important to both of us. He was on our engagement photo shoot and spent most of our wedding day with us.”  

Just as the bride and groom primps for the big day, pups need special grooming too, and Purr’n Pooch Pet Resorts excels at getting your handsome pup ready for the ceremony. The resort will handle, transport, groom and board your dog for the special occasion so you can concentrate on prepping for your wedding. 

Latonya Brennan knew her wedding wouldn’t be complete without her bulldog Churchill, so she and her now husband Timothy turned to Purr’n Pooch to make that happen. 

“He’s our only child, so we wanted him to be a part of our wedding day,” said Latonya. “He’s such a significant part of our lives, all of our guests were expecting to see him there.” 

Churchill, a four-year-old pooch who loves to play and hang out with his friends, was treated like royalty the day of the Brennan wedding by the staff at Purr’n Pooch. The pup was given a bath and groomed for the big day and fitted with a classy tie and matching leash. Then Connor Kelly, a kennel technician at Purr’n Pooch, transported him to the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank for the reception. 

“Purr’n Pooch went above and beyond to accommodate all of our needs,” said Latonya. “Churchill wasn’t allowed to be in the hotel, so when it started to rain Connor stayed outside with him through the short shower. He even stuck around with Churchill so we could take photos before taking our pup back to the resort.” 

Photo 2

Ryan and Sarah Taggart knew they wanted their pup Angus with them during their special day. Dogs are increasingly becoming part of wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Connor, who has been working at Purr’n Pooch for more than a year, is the designated pet transporter for pet wedding services booked through the resort. But that’s not all he does on the big day. He also stays at the ceremony or reception to help with anything the happy new couple and their pup need. 

“I’ll stay within shouting distance so I can help with pictures or anything else they request,” said Connor. “I try to go the extra mile for our clients. I’d even stand out in the snow if I had to.” 

Now that’s dedication. 

And that dedication and passion is how Latonya knew she could trust Purr’n Pooch with Churchill on her big day. 

“He plays such a significant role in who we are, he is part of our family,” said Latonya. “Not to have him there would have been devastating, and Purr’n Pooch made it happen for us.” 

And the great service didn’t stop after the reception ended. When Latonya came to pick up Churchill after his stay, there was a special package waiting for the new bride. 

“It was a Purr’n Pooch coffee mug, and I use it every day!” said Latonya. 

Purr’n Pooch understands just how important weddings are, and how important it is for beloved dogs to share in the celebration. 

“Pets are just as important as any family member in my eyes,” said Connor. “And one of the biggest thing you can do in your life is get married. It’s a no-brainer that you’d want your best friend there.” 

So if you want your furry friend to be a big part of your big day, let Purr’n Pooch take care of the details so you can focus on your other Mr. or Mrs. Right. Purr’n Pooch offers several wedding packages for you and your pup. Email for a complete list of packages and prices. 

Pets Beat the Heat This August at Purr’n Pooch Pet Resorts



Our friends are having a “pawsome” summer at Purr’n Pooch! Beat the heat with us all through August. Your pup is invited to stay the day or overnight. He or she can play games with friends in our pools, water parks and playgrounds, or enjoy some R&R with our spa and grooming professionals and in our air conditioned suites. From massages to spa baths, grooming and a Piña Colada spa special, we’re at the ready to indulge your pet. Make it a guilt free summer; don’t leave your pet behind while on vacation or at the beach. Bring him to Purr’n Pooch for some summer fun of his own!


PNP-CC-August-Best-OfThe Asbury Park Press is now accepting votes for their annual Best of the Best 2015 Readers Choice Contest! Vote for Purr ‘N Pooch Pet Resorts in the Pet Services: Boarding, Grooming, Training category (People & Services)! The contest is open for online voting now at until August 14, 2015. Printed ballots will be in the newspaper every Wednesday and Sunday until August 12.The winners will be announced after all the votes are counted in October.


Tuesday, August 11 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, August 12 ~ Wall
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy treats and games on the playground as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in the month of August. The theme for this month is a Pool Party and dogs will enjoy some water sports, treats and dog-friendly birthday cake. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, August 12 ~ 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
The Channel Club, Monmouth Beach, NJ
Join us for a charitable evening to benefit the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals and its grantees. Beautiful views of the Shrewsbury River, music by Bobby Bandiera, a raw bar by Lusty Lobster, dinner, dancing, raffles and games. $100 per person. Purchase tickets at

Tuesday, August 18 ~ 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Purr’n Pooch will be participating in Dog Days, which are held on Monmouth Street in Red Bank on the third Tuesday of the month. Monmouth Street will be closed from Broad to Drummond and feature take-out dining and dog-friendly activities hosted by local animal charities and businesses including Purr’n Pooch. Come visit our table!

Congratulations to Zeppelin, winner of our “Paws” for Summer Photo Contest! We love how adventurous the little guy is trying to stay cool this summer. Zeppelin will receive a basket of Purr’n Pooch retail items and a complimentary spa bath. Thank you to all who entered our contest and voted for the winner.


Our retail spaces in Tinton Falls and Wall conveniently offer summer goodies like frozen yogurt sandwiches by Jodes Happy Tails, a cookie bar with Fat Murray’s Peanut Butter summer themed cookies, and Stella & Chewy’s treats (beef or chicken). All of our treats are made in the U.S.A. and available for purchase on-the-go or can be added to your pet’s bill while staying with us. Fat Murray’s Cookies: $2.25 each, Jode’s Yogurt: $5 each, Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch: $13 per bag.

Our Piña Colada summer spa special will leave your pet smelling fresh and clean. You’ll be yearning for the islands with every pass of your pup! The spa special, great for all breeds, includes a shampoo, teeth brushing and cologne spray.The shampoo conditions and adds body and luster to all coat types. It contains Contains pro-vitamin B-5, which promotes long lasting moisturization, improves manageability, improves conditioning to a damaged coat and provides for a fuller and more luxurious shine. $25 plus price of grooming or bath.

For more information, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) or email



August 17 ~ National Black Cat Appreciation Day
August 26 ~ National Dog Day
August 30 ~ National Holistic Pet Day

For more information, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) or email

May Arrives with Flowers, Fun and Friends



May is National Pet Month and at Purr’n Pooch we have tons of fun in store for your best friend. From Cinco de Mayo parties to Mother’s Day crafts, there’s something to do for every visiting pet. We also have a Lavender Spa Special and training classes for all ages and abilities.
Be sure to also stay in touch with us on our blog. Wedding season is in full swing, and this year you’re going to see more and more furry guests making appearances at ceremonies and receptions.

Read about how Purr’n Pooch is ready to help make your day extra special for you and your pet >


Tuesday, May 5 ~ 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Parties in Tinton Falls and Wall.



Thursday, May 7 ~ 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
All visiting pets will get a gift to bring home to their moms.



Tuesday, May 19 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, May 20 ~ Wall
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy treats and games on the playground as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in the month of May. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page.

Monday, May 18 ~ 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Chipolte Grill at Monmouth Mall, Eatontown, NJ
Stop in Chipotle for a bite and a portion of your purchase will benefit the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals.


Monday, May 25
Office Hours ~ 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.
24-hour supervised care for visiting pets.




Perfect Manners
Tuesdays starting May 26 ~ 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Agility for Fun
Thursdays starting May 28 ~ 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Mind Your Manners for Puppies
Thursdays starting May 28 ~ 7:15 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Agility for Fun
Saturdays starting May 30 ~ 10 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Agility for Fun II
Saturdays starting May 30 ~ 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Mind Your Manners
Saturdays starting May 30 ~ 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Your Pet’s Got Talent
Saturdays starting May 30 ~ 2 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Classes run for six weeks; $200 + tax and are held at our Tinton Falls facility. An Easy Walk harness or Gentle Leader is given to Puppy and Mind Your Manners Class participants. Our animal behavior training uses a reward-based curriculum that’s based on positive reinforcement. Best of all, basic dog training with Purr’n Pooch is fun because we enjoy helping your pooch learn and grow. Please make sure all vaccinations are up to date: rabies, dhlpp and bordatella. Contact to register or for more information.


Enhance your dog’s daycare and boarding stay with mind stimulating games! Choose from agility, puzzles, scent work, or ball and retrieve games. The activity is held on Tuesdays and lasts approximately 30 minutes and the cost is $35. Add the service to any daycare or boarding stays. Inquire about the service when you register.


Indulge your pet in a relaxing lavender shampoo, paw and leg massage, teeth brushing, and lavender cologne. Shampoo, deep cleans and soothes the skin without stripping natural oils.
$25 when added to grooming or bath visit.



May ~ National Pet Month
May ~ Chip Your Pet Month
May 3 ~ National Disabled Pets Day
May 3-9 ~ Be Kind to Animals Week
May 15 ~ Endangered Species Day

For more information, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) or email

Be With Your Dog When You Say I Do On Your Wedding Day

Be With Your Dog When You Say I Do On Your Wedding Day

Wedding season is in full swing, and this year you’re going to see more and more furry guests making appearances at ceremonies and receptions. You’ve probably already seen many engagement photos featuring pets – it’s definitely not uncommon these days! With 65% of households owning pets in the U.S., it’s no surprise that recently more couples are opting to include their best friends in their wedding ceremonies. Many people consider their pet to be their best friend or part of the family, so it only makes sense that more brides and grooms are taking part in this big day trend.

If you’re one of the lucky ones getting hitched this year or in the process of planning your wedding, consider inviting another member into your bridal party. It’s up to you how involved you’d like your pup to be. He can be a special guest of honor, walk down the aisle, and stand with the wedding party during the ceremony, or perhaps he could have a specific role, such as ring bearer or flower girl. Pictures with your pup is also something to consider – you’ll always want to remember those special moments!

Of course, there will be no need for you to worry about your pup’s agenda; we know you’ll have enough on your mind that day. You can put all worries aside about how your pup will look and who will assist him. The staff at Purr’n Pooch can handle, transport, groom and board your best friend for your special occasion. We’ll be prepping your pup before he makes his appearance and caring for him while you’re enjoying your first night as Mr. and Mrs., and also while you’re off on your honeymoon.

Purr’n Pooch offers several wedding packages to accommodate you and your pup for your special occasion.

Deluxe Wedding Package
Our newest great-room style suite with Direct TV, leather, memory foam couches (made for canines), classical music, daily daycare, pool time, a massage and a bath before the return home. Our guest will receive a berber sleeping blanket along with spring water.

This package is based on an either a one or two night stay and includes transportation to the location of your choice for pictures or just an appearance.

Standard Wedding Package
Our guest will enjoy their own sleeping quarters that has an adjoining indoor run. They will partake in our daycare, pool time, and will receive a bath before the return home.

This package is based on an either a one or two night stay and includes transportation to the location of your choice for pictures or just an appearance.

Honeymoon Package
With a choice of one of the above accommodations, this package is priced according to the length of your pets stay with us.

Celebration Package
Our Guest will be treated to a day of play, a bath and transportation to your desired location.

Wedding packages are done by our wedding concierge and are customized to your wedding party’s needs. To make an appointment, please call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).