From Racer to Couch Potato: The Retired Greyhound Will Win Your Heart

Have you ever loved a Greyhound? There is so much to admire about this incredible breed of dog. Greyhounds are calm, quiet, peaceful, loving and affectionate. They give unconditional love, which you really feel when they climb up onto the couch with you and drop their head into your lap. Nicknamed the 40-mph-couch potato, they’re the fastest of dog breeds, yet they love to lounge.

Greyhounds are racing dogs, and also participate in other dog sports, including lure coursing, conformation, obedience, and agility. But while they may be bred to race, they’re born for much more. Most of all, they just love to play, sleep, cuddle and be loved.

Yes, they are large (weighing 60 – 88 lbs.) but they have a slender build and move lightly and gracefully. Despite their size, they’re very space-efficient – actually one of the best breeds for apartment living.

If you’re longing to bring a Greyhound into your life, now is the perfect time because April is Greyhound Adoption Month. We suggest you check out Greyhound Friends of NJ, a wonderful organization located in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Greyhound Friends of NJ (GFNJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to placing retired racing greyhounds into responsible, loving homes. These Greyhounds come from the racetracks in Florida, as their being retired simply because they’re not winning races anymore. Though Greyhound racing has been in decline for decades, Florida is one of the last places where it’s still hanging on. Only 19 dog tracks remain in the U.S., and twelve of them are in Florida. Most of the dogs that come to the GFNJ are 2 – 4 years of age.

Linda Lyman, President of Greyhound Friends of NJ, is quite fond of Greyhounds, and has welcomed many into her own family throughout her life.

“I find that Greyhounds are generally very gentle dogs and adapt well to home life,” says Linda. “They are quite different from shelter dogs, as they’ve never had to fend for themselves. They’re very trusting of human beings. Trust establishes very easily with a greyhound.”

Linda has noticed that Greyhounds have no issues making themselves right at home. “People who’ve adopted Greyhounds from us will tell me they walked right into the house, laid down on a pillow and acted like they’ve been there forever.”

Although most of the Greyhounds at GFNJ haven’t been around children much at the racetrack, they are very accepting of little ones and make great family pets.

While GFNJ is predominantly a greyhound adoption group, it will also help some non-greyhounds in need of rescue from high-risk situations by providing them monetary support and/or a safe haven.

Greyhound Friends of NJ has been working to place pets with families, and offer experience and support since 1986.

“We’re very proud of the support we give to our adopters,” says Linda. “We never deny taking a dog into our organization and if someone has a question, we’ll be there to answer. And we always welcome our dogs back when those who take them in can no longer care for them.”

Unfortunately, there is a misconception about these incredible dogs and part of GFNJ’s mission is to educate the public. Since Greyhounds are racers, people think they are going to be too active at home, but really they are just couch potatoes.

In celebration of Greyhound Adoption Month, GFNJ will have an Adoption Day on Sunday, April 9th, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Pineland Country Kennel in Tabernacle, NJ. The organization will be welcoming 12 new Greyhounds coming from Florida. You can meet these dogs and also foster greys all looking for their forever homes. Get pre-approved to adopt by completing an application here.

Greyhound Friends of New Jersey also holds many “Meet and Greets” throughout NJ where those interested in Greyhounds can meet them in person. You can visit the events page on the GFNJ’s website to see where they’ll be next.

Launching this month are the GFNJ podcasts. They’ll have celebrities, adopters, and staff on the show discussing Greyhounds. Tune into the show via their website.

The Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals is very proud to have been able to award this wonderful organization with grants in 2010, 2015 and 2016. To learn more about Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, visit











Spring Has Sprung at Purr’n Pooch this April


Spring has officially sprung even if the weather isn’t cooperating. At Purr’n Pooch we’re celebrating with lots of exciting events and promotions, rain or shine. Visit us for fun with friends in daycare, boarding and pampering by our spa and grooming professionals. We also look forward to seeing new and old friends during Spring Break.

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Tuesday, April 4 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, April 5 ~ Wall
Join us for an egg hunt for treats on the Purr’n Pooch playground as we celebrate our daycare friends born in the month of April.

Sunday, April 23 ~ 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Tinton Falls Training Hall
The Pet First Aid & Pet CPR course is a certification course through the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI). Each participant will receive a student manual, basic first aid training kit, information on evacuation, poisoning, a bookmark, a quick reference card, breathing barrier device and much more. Upon successful completion of the course each student will receive a wallet size certification card and a certificate suitable for framing. Cost is $55. Partial proceeds benefit the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals. Email with any questions.
Get class details and register now >

Wednesday, May 3 ~ 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
12 Broad Street, Red Bank
We invite you to join us for an Alex and Ani Charmed by Charity Event. 15% of all sales will go directly to the Purr’n Pooch Foundation. Enjoy Lite Bites and (+) Energy Punch. RSVP to


Treat your friend to a honey almond shampoo, sugar scrub (for tummy, elbows, groin, inner thighs), teeth brushing and your choice of Honey Bunny or Jelly Bean cologne. Price is $25 plus price of bath or grooming. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) to make an appointment.


Purr’n Pooch’s aquatic exercise sessions are located in our indoor spa pool in Wall Township. Our experienced pet care technicians will care and comfort your dog with ease and patience. Swimming, games, and other exercise routines are part of the fun as your friend learns to move and play gently in our warm, spa waters. All pets are sized and supplied with a canine life preserver. The pool setting is calm and quiet -ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. All sessions are private and done by appointment. They can be held individually or combined with boarding, daycare, grooming or other amenities. Pricing starts at $65. Call 732.528.8100 (Wall) for more information or to schedule and appointment.


April ~ National Greyhound Adoption Month ~ Read our Blog!
April ~ National Heartworm Awareness Month
April ~ National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
April ~ Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
April 10 ~ Hug Your Dog Day
April 11 ~  National Pet Day
April 17-23 ~  National Pet ID Week
April 21 ~  Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
April 22 ~  Earth Day
April 29 ~  National Kids and Pets Day
April 30 ~  Adopt a Shelter Dog Day

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Congratulations on Your New Puppy! What’s Next?

Layla, after a so-chic continental clip by her Purr’n Pooch groomer, Lynda.

Last month we blogged about “Puppy Love” and how the right daycare experience can be good for your puppy love’s social development. We know that many of us welcome new puppies during the holidays or in the spring and we want to encourage everyone with a new puppy to get off to the best start possible in their new life together. This includes good health and hygiene as well as good social development.

In addition to frequent and appropriate socialization experiences, good grooming, nutrition and basic commands training are all essential to a puppy’s best health and happiness. Just like human puppies!

Miki pampering Duke with a bath – prep for his total grooming experience.

Miki is a senior groomer at both the Tinton Falls and the Wall locations. She provides a range of grooming services to daycare and boarding guests from routine bathing, hair cuts and nail clipping, to more elaborate services like creative grooming (link to other blog post) and spa treatments that add a higher level of luxury to the grooming experience.

After more than 20 years grooming dogs of all breeds, there’s almost no grooming challenge she hasn’t tackled. “It’s important to start our puppies with a professional groomer as soon as puppy shots are completed,” says Miki. “Even though he/she is not ready for a haircut he/she does need to get used to being touched from nose to tail. The groomer can do simple things such as cleaning out pads and eyes to help him/her become accustomed to the clipper and scissors.”

Brushing is not only good for removing dandruff and dead hair, it also distributes healthy oils throughout the dog’s entire skin and coat. It allows the groomer to identify any issues with skin and coat early on when intervention is likely to be easier and more effective. “You can find lumps and bumps early before there is any discomfort. You can stop a flea infestation in its tracks.” says Miki.

And as many people know who have dogs with long hair, preventing matting problems is definitely worth it. A knot free pup is a happy pup. Small knots become big knots and big knots become  mats. “Grooming is a big part of our four legged babies lives, she affirms. “The cleaner they are the healthier they are. Whether you have a Lab or Old English Sheepdog, coat up keep is very important.” She continues, “Mats are very hard for a groomer to get out and the process is time consuming and the mats pull at the dog’s skin which can be very uncomfortable.”

Miki recommends that owners take the time to brush their dogs at home between grooming appointments. “At home brushing and combing is also very important,” she says. “It’s a great way to build trust between dog and human companion — it’s great bonding.”

Brushing and hair cuts are only one important aspect of good grooming. Nail and ear care are also important. Miki states, “Other benefits to frequent grooming is that the nails are maintained so it’s comfortable when the dog walks. “Ears are cleaned to help prevent infections.”

Bottom line, having a puppy is certainly a joy. We can look forward to sharing many years of unconditional love and fun with our four-legged companions, but it’s up to us to start early and help them develop into healthy, happy dogs.

Spring Into Fun at Purr’n Pooch This March


At Purr’n Pooch we’re celebrating spring’s arrival with lots of exciting events and promotions. Visit us for fun with friends in daycare, boarding and pampering by our spa and grooming professionals. We also look forward to seeing new and old friends during Spring Break.

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Tuesday, March 7 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, March 8 ~ Wall
Celebrating the luck of the Irish with games and treats on the Purr’n Pooch playgrounds as we celebrate our daycare friends born in the month of March!


Wednesday, March 15 ~ Tinton Falls & Wall
Bring your pup by for our lucky scent games! Your little leprechaun will explore the Purr’n Pooch playground searching for pots of gold, filled with treats.


Wednesday, March 22 ~ 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Tinton Falls Training Hall
Learn the right brushing techniques for a happier and healthier dog. Purr’n Pooch’s award-winnning groomers will show attendees the benefits and proper way to keep a pet’s coat healthy followed by a Q&A. The groomers will show different techniques and have tools available for purchase. Cost $10 per family. Email to register.


Thursday, March 30 ~ 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Tinton Falls Training Hall
Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals is helping raise money to support animal rescue organizations with a special Paint and Sip event. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m. The cost is $45 per painter. Bring your own beverage. Guests will paint their favorite pet on glass. Beginners are welcome and no art experience is required as the art director will walk you through the painting process, step by step.

To register, call 732.546.6875, or prepay online. After purchasing your ticket, please email a close-up photo of your pet to before March 23.
Plan to arrive before 6:15 p.m. to check in and set up.

Get more information and register >


Add shine and luster to your lucky dog’s coat with our Green Tea shampoo. Package also includes a spritz of Green Tea cologne and teeth brushing. Cost $18, plus price of grooming. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) to make an appointment.


$5 off your pet’s room rate for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights through the end of March.



Treat your dog to his or her very own twilight walk with our Purr’n Pooch staff. Cost is $10 when added to boarding. Also, soothing evening tummy rubs are available for $10 when added to boarding.


Wednesday, March 23
Enter your pup in our Facebook and Instagram contest running for one-day only on March 23, National Puppy Day! One winner will be chosen from all the entries. For Instagram, use the hashtag #PNPPuppy2017 to enter and tag@PurrNPooch on Instagram. To enter on Facebook, post your pictures on our wall and all pics will be added to an album. Purr’n Pooch will announce the winner on March 24. Winner will receive one night luxury boarding and playtime.


March ~ Poison Prevention Awareness Month, Be Aware and Be Safe
March 13 ~ K-9 Veterans Day
March 17 ~ St. Patrick’s Day
March 20 ~ First Day of Spring
March 23 ~ National Puppy Day

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Puppy Love: Your Puppy’s Social Development Can Benefit From the Right Daycare Experience




Spring is on it’s way and as we prepare to welcome longer and longer and warmer and warmer days –we are also excited to get out there more with our puppies. Yes… puppies!

It’s no secret that puppies are one of the most popular gifts people give to each other (or get for themselves!) for the winter holidays like Christmas and Hanukah. If a puppy wasn’t part of the winter celebrations, Spring is a popular time of year for families to welcome a puppy into the home as we cheer for the leaves appearing on the trees and the crocuses and daffodils blooming.

Whether the little furry bundle of energy and love is adopted from a shelter or purchased from a reputable breeder, all puppies are adorable… and seriously supercharged with energy! Human companions are well advised to consider socializing their new family member with other humans and dogs — early. The first year of a dog’s development is a crucial period for puppies to learn how to interpret and respond to social cues from other canines as well as humans. Good experiences will encourage and reinforce positive behavior while negative or limited experience will likely result in problem behaviors that make life together more stressful for both human and canine.

This time of year, Purr’n Pooch’s Wall and Tinton Falls locations enjoy an influx of puppies looking for the right daycare experience. Some are with families that are familiar to us thanks to other pet guests. Some come to us with their human families for the first time. In either case, we are delighted to greet each and every potential new guest – and of course we have a special place in our hearts for the puppies.

Daycare as a great way to help socialize and exercise your puppy – if the facility you’re working with has the right experience and a philosophy of care that creates the best camp experience for the dogs they care for. At Purr’n Pooch, we’re fortunate to have a staff members like Connor Kelly, a specialist in canine temperament at Purr’n Pooch.

Connor Kelly joined Purr’n Pooch two and a half years ago. Connor’s primary role is conducting the intake and evaluation assessment for first time clients. This includes documenting all the necessary background to make sure we are able to provide superior care and service as well as a thorough evaluation of the dog’s personality and developmental stage. It’s an intensive process, but necessary for each pet to be placed in the best group for them —– one that complements their personality and engages them in a positive, constructive manner.

“Dogs are happiest when they have opportunities to successfully socialize with other dogs,” Connor says. “And the key here is ‘successfully’. I work with each and every new daycare guest to make sure we are setting them up for success. This may mean I try them out first with one, even tempered dog to see how they interact and then slowly introduce them to larger and larger groups that seem to be a good fit. This can take several visits – but it’s worth it to make sure the dog is actually having the best experience.”

Connor actually uses his dog, Speedy, to help determine a new dog’s temperament and comfort level with other dogs. “Speedy’s an English bulldog with a pretty laid back personality – a great dog for a new camper to meet and interact with. Especially puppies. He’s great with puppies. They chew on him, and he just sits there like nothing’s going on.”

Assessing new dogs and introducing them to their play groups takes time and requires an intense focus on each and every dog, but Connor wouldn’t trade his job for any other. “Last summer alone, I must have done over 500 intakes in the Wall location,” says Connor. “It’s one of the most rewarding feelings to watch a dog you helped integrate having the time of their life playing and bonding with their group.”

Connor says that the socialization process at day care is especially important for puppies. “Puppies don’t usually have a great grasp on social skills,” he says. “They are prone to making a lot of mistakes with how they approach older dogs. They don’t have tons of experience interpreting body language and other cues that help them moderate their behavior which means it’s easy for them to get into trouble if they aren’t properly introduced to their play group. A great daycare experience can make the socialization process lot easier and a not-so-great experience can mean they’re going to start imitating the worst behavior in other dogs.”

The Palazzo family, which includes Dick, Mary, Koren and Betsy, owns and operates Purr’n Pooch Pet Resorts. Opening there doors over 45 years ago, Dick has established a reputation of being one of the foremost behaviorists and trainers in the pet industry. His experience and education has led to training and assessing thousands of pups each year. Dick has always taught the importance of a thorough, conscientious, initial evaluation – especially for puppies.

“Connor is doing a tremendous job of understanding our guests that come through our doors. When puppies come to visit us, we allow each pup to demonstrate his own behavior. We then take notes on their communication skills, energy level, and their personality when presented with different situations and changes in their environment. I want to see what his comfort zone is with other dogs and humans. When my staff and I feel we have a good understanding of a pup, then  – and only then – do we move forward with integrating that pup into the day camp community at a pace the pup is most comfortable with.”

Interested to know more about Purr’n Pooch’s daycare program for puppies (and older!)? Call today: Tinton Falls Location – 732.842-4949, or the Wall Location – 732.528.8100.



Fall in Love with Purr’n Pooch this February


Each month we plan new and exciting events to socialize and entertain visiting pets. February is an especially fun time! At our annual Puppy Bowl dogs of all ages play on our playgrounds in a game of ball. Pups wear their favorite team jerseys and have a blast. We also look forward to honoring our heroes in animal welfare and rescue at the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals breakfast. It’s a heartfelt morning where Foundation supporters and grantees come together to celebrate one another’s important work and friendship. And so much more! See below.

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Friday, February 3
Tinton Falls & Wall
Is your pup ready for some football? Join us for our Annual Puppy Bowl, a day of supervised games of catch with friends in our training halls. Fun for all ages and dress in your favorite team’s jersey.

Thursday, February 9 ~ 10:30 a.m.
Tinton Falls Training Hall
We also look forward to honoring our heroes in animal welfare and rescue at the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals breakfast. It’s a heartfelt morning where Foundation supporters and grantees come together to celebrate one another’s important work and friendship. Grants will also be presented to charities All Critters Rescue, American Rescue Dog Corporation, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Animal Care Sanctuary, Arabian Rescue Mission, Cat Assistance Network, Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue, Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, MEOW Inc, MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue, New Life Boxer Rescue, Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, and Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary To the Rescue.

February 13 -14
Photos from Wall and Tinton Falls will be posted on Facebook as we learn about the breeds showing at the Westminster Dog Show. The small and the tall, we’ll talk about them all as we introduce you to our friends in doggie daycare and learn about their breed types and personalities. Mixed breeds included!

Tuesday, February 14
Tinton Falls & Wall
Photos from Wall and Tinton Falls will be posted on Facebook of our adorable pups and kitties in their best hearts and kisses wear as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in February. Kisses and cuddles on the playground will be caught on camera all day long!

Tuesday, February 28
Tinton Falls & Wall
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy treats and games on the playground. Our theme is Mardi Gras. Dogs will bob for bones and dress in feathers, boas, masks and the colors of the popular Mardi Gras celebrations right here on the Jersey Shore! Photos will be posted on our Facebook page.

Thursday, March 30 ~ 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Tinton Falls Training Hall
Paint Your Pet on Glass
$45 per painter ~ BYOB
Get more information and register >


Moisturize your pet’s fur and skin with shampoo enriched with milk proteins for healthier skin and coats. Package includes shampoo, vanilla spritz, paw pad cream and teeth brushing. Cost is $25, plus price of grooming or bath. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) to make an appointment.



Monday, February 20
Enter your pics using #PNPLoveYourPet by 10 p.m., February 20 on Facebook and Instagram. The photo with the most likes wins one free night luxury boarding.



Wednesday, February 22
Support the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals by using the Walk a Dog app. Walk for a Dog is a simple, year-round fundraising app! It promotes healthy interaction between dogs and their owners, and raises money every day to support the mission of your animal shelter or rescue. It also gives people a reason to think about their local animal organization every time they take their dogs for a walk. Download the app, choose Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals, and start walking. Your steps will save lives. Lean more >

Thursday, February 23
20% off all cookies



Buy wine through Benefit Wines and support the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals. A portion of your purchase will support the Foundation. Learn more >




February ~ National Cat Health Month
February ~ Pet Dental Health Month
February ~ Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
February ~ Dog Training Education Month
February 28 ~ World Spay Day

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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A New Fun-Filled Year with Friends at Purr’n Pooch!



This January we celebrate the start of a New Year with many exciting events and promotions for Purr’n Pooch’s friends, new and old. Lots of fun in the works to keep our guests entertained and happy! January is also Walk Your Pet Month so get out and enjoy the fresh air and time with your special friend. Happy New Year’s from all of us and please note that on January 1st our office will be closed yet we are staffed and supervising all guests staying with us

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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pnp-cc-january-birthdayJANUARY BIRTHDAY PARTIES
Tuesday, January 10 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday,  January 11 ~ Wall
7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy an ugly sweater contest, treats and games on our playgrounds as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in January.

pnp-cc-january-dress-pet-1DRESS UP YOUR PET DAY
Saturday, January 14
It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day and at Purr’n Pooch we invite visiting pets in daycare and boarding to dress in their best doggie digs. To celebrate National Dress up Your Pet Day, sweaters will be 20% off on the 13, 14and 15 in both Wall and Tinton Falls retail locations.

pnp-cc-january-puppy-bowlANNUAL PUPPY BOWL
Friday, February 3
Register for this year’s Puppy Bowl! All puppies are welcome to register for daycare to play games with other puppy friends.  It’s always a fun day with tons of adorable pictures shared on our Facebook page.



Thank you for your generosity during our holiday drive for animal charities across the region. We collected hundreds of items and supported many organizations saving lives in our communities including Lunch Break, Associated Humane Society Tinton Falls, Monmouth County SPCA, Wag On Inn and To The Rescue.



Indulge your pet in a luxurious Vanilla Cookie Shampoo with a vanilla bean spritz and teeth brushing.  $25 plus cost of bath and grooming. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall) to make an appointment.



To celebrate National Dress up Your Pet Day, sweaters will be 20% off on the 13, 14 and 15 in both Wall and Tinton Falls retail locations.



pnp-cc-january-paw-creamPAW PAD CREAM
This winter be sure to pick up our Paw Pad Cream, a gentle lotion is designed to help heal and protect sore, dry, and cracked paws. Made with all natural ingredients: olive oil, almond oil, rosemary and lavender.





January ~ National Walk Your Pet Month
January 14 ~ National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 24 ~ Adopt and Change a Pet’s Life Day
January 29 ~  National Seeing Eye Dog Day

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Purr’n Pooch Pet Resort’s Top Holiday Gifts and Jersey Shore Activities for Pets!


It’s no surprise that we’re head-over-heels about our pet family at Purr’n Pooch. We love to include them in everything, and the entire holiday season — Christmas and Hanukah included — is a time for special fun and merry-making! Watching them dance with excitement when they open gifts is as much of a thrill for us as it is for them.

From handmade shark cat beds to doggie sweaters sporting the Batman symbol, there are literally hundreds of ideas for what you can put under the tree or near the menorah for your beloved dog and cat. (Check out Pinterest if you have a spare 15 hours or so!) This year, we’ve asked some of our staff to share their favorite holiday treats and traditions. From the tried-and-true to the one-of-a-kind, just like with our human loved ones, it’s the joy of being loved and included that makes a gift, well…perfect!



Helen is the manager at Purr’n Pooch’s Wall location. All year long, but especially during the holidays, her 12-year old golden retriever, Brody (pictured with Helen’s husband Bryan), and her love to go for walks together through the Asbury Park Convention Hall and boardwalk. On holiday weekends this time of year the hall is lavishly decorated…and heated! Pop up vendors are set up throughout the iconic shore hall. There’s music, and the wonderful smells of hot chocolate and other holiday fare surround you, delighting and distracting both you and your canine companion during the walk. There’s even a giant Christmas tree!

Helen loves to shop for Brody and does a lot of shopping close to work–in her building, in fact, “At Purr’n Pooch, we have a large assortment of all natural treats that are healthy and delicious. Of course, every holiday has a seasonal theme and right now I can buy Christmas wreaths, snowmen, reindeers and gingerbread men, to name a few. I also like to buy puzzle toys for my friends’ pets. They keep your pup busy and challenged.”



Jess has been a member of the Tinton Falls team at Purr’n Pooch for six and a half-years. Her four and a half-year old beagle mix, Eros, and her are best buds so she wouldn’t let a holiday go by without making sure some of his favorite gifts are under the tree!  “Eros LOVES tennis balls.  Around the holidays, we love driving around looking at the Christmas lights. Some of our favorite neighborhoods are right here on the Jersey Shore in Asbury Park and Belmar, two especially pet-friendly communities.”



Jamie’s been with Purr’n Pooch for two years as a member of the Tinton Falls team, and is the swim director for both locations. Her nine-year old hound mix, Bucky, is a foodie and loves opening up his stocking — stuffed with treats — on Christmas morning. This year, though, Bucky is also getting a new coat! He’ll look oh-so-dapper walking around his favorite neighborhood, Tackanassee Lake in West End, Long Branch!



Tammy is tireless. For the past two years she’s been with Purr’n Pooch, she’s kept busy covering all departments in the Tinton Falls resort location. She’s busy at home, too, with two gorgeous Maine Coon mix bonded sisters, Lilly – six and a half-years and Fanny, who’s four years old. No surprise, Lilly and Fanny both love to ‘help’ Tammy decorate the Christmas tree. In honor of their tree-loving natures, this year they’re getting a brand new cat tree of their very own from Santa and a container of cat grass! Her girls don’t get out much, but they’re fantastic hosts and always love greeting guests at the many parties Tammy has at the house.



Kerri’s another Tinton Falls staffer whose six year tenure at Purr’n Pooch has seen her working in all departments. When she’s not loving up your dog or one of the other pets entrusted into her care, she’s giving belly rubs to Gavin, her four and a half-year old mastiff/visla mix. During the winter holiday season, Gavin likes nothing better than a nice, powdery snowfall that he can run and roll in with Kerri. After exhausting himself in the cold, he likes to snuggle up with his favorite human and watch TV!

For Christmas this year, Kerri bought Gavin a huge bone…nearly as big as he is! “That should give him a few weeks worth of satisfaction,” she laughs. “The best gift I ever got, Gavin, though, was his Tempurpedic bed.” Gavin’s not much of a man-about-town, but instead prefers to stay at home and sleep in. Who wouldn’t when you have a super-comfy Tempurpedic bed?

All year long, and especially during the holiday season, Purr’n Pooch is grateful to have such a super team of professional, warm and fun-loving women and men who staff our locations and deliver the best services to the pets we care for. Many of our more than 75 staff members have been with us for at least four years, and there is a core group that have worked together at Purr’n Pooch for more than 25 years. They love the animals we serve and the home-like environment we’ve purposefully fostered since the doors opened in 1969. It makes for a warm, easygoing atmosphere when you have a team with experience who love what they do as well as the people they work with.

If you still have some dogs and cats on your holiday shopping list and are having a hard time coming up with ideas, please feel free to talk with one of our staff members. They LOVE to help you shop and spend money on cool treats and toys for your pets!

Both our Tinton Falls and our Wall locations have pet boutiques that carry a wide selection of toys, treats, clothes and other items that will delight and entertain your dog and/or cat, and this time of year there are lots of choices that celebrate the holiday spirit! The boutiques are open during regular business hours for both locations.

Happy shopping, and a very merry to you and your entire family from all of us at Purr’n Pooch.


November is a Time to Give Thanks for People and Pets



Purr’n Pooch gives thanks for our friends this November with retail specials and more! All month long our guests enjoy playtime with friends, a spa special and holiday time with our loving,around-the-clock staff. Be sure to make your reservations for holiday boarding as space books quickly.

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).


pnp-cc-november-birthdayNOVEMBER BIRTHDAY PARTIES
Tuesday, November 15 ~ Tinton Falls
Wednesday, November 16 ~ Wall
7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Pups in boarding and daycare will enjoy treats and games on our playgrounds as they celebrate the birthdays of their friends born in November.

pnp-cc-november-photo-contestHOLIDAY PHOTO CONTEST
Enter our Annual Holiday Photo contest by submitting photos by November 30 to The winning pet receives one night stay and a day of play. The photo will also be the cover image for Purr’n Pooch’s holiday card.



Deadline for 2017 Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals’ Grant Applications is December 31. Visit for more information.



pnp-cc-november-pet-drivePET FOOD AND SUPPLIES HOLIDAY DRIVE  
Tuesday, November 1 – Sunday, December 18
Join us as we collect pet supplies and food at both Purr’n Pooch Pet Resort locations. Drop off at reception.



Support animals in need through the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals. Shop at Benefit Wines and Charity Wicks. A portion of your purchase will support the grantees helped by the Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals.



pnp-cc-november-lynch-creek‘TIS THE SEASON’S WREATHS, TREES AND MORE
Now you can support Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals this holiday season all while staying green. Purr’n Pooch Foundation for Animals is proud to partner with Lynch Creek Farm to offer handcrafted wreaths, centerpieces and swags using fresh evergreens from the Great Northwest. Buy your holiday decorations and gifts direct from their farm and you’ll be glad you did, all while supporting the Foundation.
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pnp-cc-november-spaSPA SPECIAL: HONEY ALMOND
Indulge your pet in a luxurious honey almond shampoo, mud conditioning treatment, toasted almond cologne and teeth brushing. $25 plus cost of bath and grooming. Call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).


pnp-cc-november-gift-cardHOLIDAY GIFT CARDS  
Available for purchase – the perfect stocking stuffers!




pnp-cc-november-black-fridayBLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION
Friday, November 25
20% off all loose cookies at the cookie bar



pnp-cc-november-small-business-saturdaySMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY PROMOTION
Saturday, November 26
50% off all Purr’n Pooch Branded Merchandise




November ~ Adopt a Senior Pet Month
November ~ National Senior Pet Month
November ~ Pet Cancer Awareness Month
November ~ Pet Diabetes Month
November 6-12 ~ National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week
November 24 ~ Happy Thanksgiving! Office is closed, 24-hour care of all our boarding pets

To book your dog or cat’s boarding, daycare, training or spa and grooming visit, call 732.842.4949 (Tinton Falls) or 732.528.8100 (Wall).

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Love Celebrating the Holidays with Your Pet? Let Purr’n Pooch’s Groomers Introduce You To The Fun, Happy World of Creative Grooming


Ready or not… the holiday season is here. A string of celebrations is upon us from the tongue-in-cheek ghoulishness of Halloween to the warmth of family and community-centered Thanksgiving gatherings. Then we jump right into the heart of winter when peace, goodwill and renewal are welcomed during Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and New Years. At Purr’n Pooch Pet Resorts, we love to celebrate them all. And, if you’re like us, your celebrations always include the pets.

Many of us honor long-held traditions, while scouring Pinterest and Instagram for ideas to add something new and distinctive – something that distinguishes this year’s holidays from years’ past. At Purr’n Pooch, our groomers make the holidays unique for their own dogs and for clients thanks to the relatively new art of Creative Grooming.

Creative Grooming is a specialized service that transforms a pet’s natural look into a highly personalized style that brings out their “WOW” factor.  And it’s much easier than squeezing them into those uncomfortable, sequined costumes.

Creative Grooming is the perfect solution for families that want to give their pets the chance to engage with us in a very special way. Tattoos (using stencil designs shaved right into a pet’s coat then dyed) are popular choices for pet makeovers with some of the most requested designs representing pop-culture tastes and trends. According to Dana Dougherty, senior groomer at Purr’n Pooch for the past 15 years, Captain America’s shield and any of the iconic Star Wars images are in high demand right now.

“For the holidays,” Dana says, “We get a lot of families asking for both traditional and more personalized designs.  Lots of designs simply recall favorite colors and images from family celebrations, say – browns, golds and oranges for Thanksgiving, and reds, greens, blues and silver for the winter. Other people want to see Darth Vader wearing an elf hat!”

Whether you choose a tattoo design or a stunning hair style, cut and dyed in fantastic, eye-popping shades and shapes to elicit exclamations – this amazing makeover for your fur-baby is possible in a pampering spa experience that is specifically designed to be reassuring and low-stress for the dog or cat.

In addition to holiday and celebration looks designed to celebrate a specific event, other popular looks include mohawks and tri-color patterns. Dye designs typically last for 10-15 washings. All of the dyes used at Purr’n Pooch are guaranteed not to bleed or run onto fabric or clothes. On average, clients should allow from 3-4 hours for a Creative Grooming appointment as it is typically combined with other spa and grooming services.

“During a grooming consultation, we talk with the owners about their vision and any special considerations that are important to making the experience as fun and relaxing as possible for both pet and their family.  We make sure to ask about any allergies or sensitivities – either for the pet or for their human family members.” Dana says.  “Yes, we absolutely ask about human allergies and sensitivities, too. At Purr’n Pooch, we use only the highest quality, organic and most gentle products, and we always take our clients, both four-legged and two-legged, as a package.”

Purr’n Pooch offers Creative Grooming for clients in both our Tinton Falls and Wall locations. Clients are encouraged to come in for a consultation, but if you’re thinking Halloween — make plans for next year.

“We fill our bookings several weeks in advance of any holiday,” says Dougherty.  “Anyone interested in this service for Thanksgiving and the winter season should contact us right away to schedule a consultation and make sure we can fit them in.”

To schedule a creative grooming consultation or to learn more about any of our pet care and grooming services call:
Tinton Falls 732-842-4949
Wall: 732-528-8100