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Luxury Care for Pets: Pet Parties, Creative Grooming & Personal Service

Pet Care Trends

In our last blog post, we heard from the Palazzo Family, founders of Purr’n Pooch Pet Resort, regarding their picks for 2013 Trends in Pet Care. Now, we’re excited to highlight some more picks from PNP’s team of pet care professionals, many who have been with the company for more than 20 years.

Party Animals

Pet parties are still somewhat of a niche market, but we have seen a rise in people booking events for their pets. More than ever, people have a desire to pamper their pets and treat them more like children. And, what kid doesn’t like a birthday party? In fact, not all that long ago we hosted a “Sweet 16” pooch party with 40 people and their pups. It was heartwarming to see such an outpouring of love and devotion towards our birthday pup, and we were thrilled to be a part of the furstivities. Every month, we also hold Birthday parties for our daycare dogs, and both staff and pups have a blast. For our next event, our daycare clients will join us on Friday, February 1st for our annual Super Bowl game on the Purr’n Pooch playground. We always have a blast creating new and exciting ways to entertain and socialize our dogs!

Jennifer Connors, Customer Relations & Vet Tech

Creative Dog Grooming

Creative grooming is a form of artistic expression in which the animal is the canvas. For some groomers it’s a touch of elegance, and  for others it’s a drastic transformation like. It may involve bright and bold colors, softer pastels, or no color at all. Even celebrities are enjoying the new trend in grooming with their pups donning pretty in pink styles! My hot picks for 2013 designs would be hearts and Mohawks with matching dye colored ears and tails in a range of bright pinks, blues and purples.

Jennifer Dios, Groomer

Paws Down, Personal Service Counts

Thirty years ago someone could bring their dog to stay at Purr’n Pooch for a weekend and when asked “What does your dog eat and how much?” the answer most often would be, “I don’t know.” Today, feeding instructions alone can read like a Ph.D. dissertation.  So what’s my point? Individuality and detail rule at successful pet care facilities. Employees must have a desire to cater to each client’s needs based on a wide variety of special circumstances. It can be a challenging job because for the 100 dogs that walk through our doors on any given day, they also have 100 unique personalities and needs. People also want to be assured that their concerns are being addressed and that their voices are heard. This attention to detail is how we offer them piece of mind. And, best of all, we enjoy caring for each one of those 100 different pet personalities. From shy to feisty, we adore them all!

Joe Zabloski, Customer Relations & Vet Tech

Purr’n Pooch Picks for 2013 Trends in Pet Care


Palazzo Family 

Industry experts are saying that the pet care industry is “recession proof” and, as you may have noticed, pet resorts are popping up across the country. Though a burgeoning business, Purr’n Pooch President and CEO Dick Palazzo cautions pet owners of new companies with little or no experience in handling and caring for pets. Experience and expertise will be key to long-term success in this growing industry.

Curious about how Purr’n Pooch has stayed in business since 1970? All you have to do is hear from the key people who have contributed to our success. Here are the Palazzo Family’s picks for trends in pet care and how they will be accommodating their clients’ needs in 2013.

Pets Are Family

The biggest trends in pet care are really dictated by the underlying shift in how owners view their pets. Thirty years ago people certainly loved their pets, but they were just that, pets. As time has passed, the paradigm has shifted to people looking at their pets less like animals and more like family members.  The majority of pet owners want the absolute best for their pets, pampering included. At Purr’n Pooch we do our best to anticipate the needs and wants of our clients. Nothing says you love your pet like a 30-minute massage, strawberry bath and twilight walk. Mary Palazzo, Vice President

Aging Gracefully

Senior pet care is on the rise. As veterinary medicine has advanced and better nutrition and wellness products have been developed, people have become generally more willing to go the extra mile for their pets. We are seeing an increase in longevity as many of our dogs have been visiting us for boarding and daycare for more than ten years. This type of specialized care does present new challenges as the needs of each geriatric pet can vary greatly, but we do everything possible to provide the most comfortable and stress -free environment for them. Personalized care is the hallmark of our guest services for aging pets. It’s also a service dear to my heart as I’ve cared for several of my own senior dogs throughout the years at Purr’n Pooch. Dick Palazzo, President & CEO

Natural Products & Relaxation

At Purr’n Pooch, we have certainly made a push to offer a wider array of all natural or organic pet supplies to our customers and guests. Many of our shampoos and conditioners are 100% all natural, plant based and free of chemical detergents. Stress is also a large health factor in humans as well as pets. We go to great lengths to provide a relaxing environment for the pets with classical spa music played throughout our facilities. We also provide a natural pathway to relaxation through our spa services, which include massage therapy, reiki and group activities such as doga (yoga with your dog)Betsy Palazzo Dudick

Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare continues to be on the rise. Many families work long hours and don’t want their dog(s) to be home alone. Some simply want their dog(s) to mingle, socialize and enjoy a good time. There are many reasons people bring their dogs to daycare, but the common thread among our clients is the love they share for their pets and their desire to do what’s best for them.  Koren Palazzo Spadavecchia

All in all, pet care services are on the rise in 2013 and at Purr’n Pooch we’re poised to continue to be the best option for pet owners visiting or living on the Jersey Shore. According to Embrace Pet Insurance, a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, no time in history has seen such a wide and growing variety of products and services for pet parents and their pets.

Purr’n Pooch’s diverse menu of services reflects the growing general consensus that pets are indeed a substantial part of the family now. But, you knew that already didn’t you?

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